A highly responsive.. view-able across all devices website template for E-Motor Shop website best for Importer of New and Used vehicles.

On Sale MotorKar

MotorKar an E-Motor Shop website best for Importer of New and Used vehicles and motorcycles, facilitating imports from UK, Japan and UAE on behalf their clients. Suitable for any leading automobile trading companies.


A uniquely structured car sales website providing quality and precise on listed vehicles as well as motorbikes.

The Website MotorKar  v1.0 is our Tuvuti’s Team creation at InspiMate Inc and has the many features just to highlight a few:

Get this website and establish an Online Niche for your business.


  • Category : E-commerce / On Sale / Web Design
  • Date : March 12, 2017
    • Easy Navigation Menu
    • Responsive retina design i.e. viewable across all devices (Desktops, Tablets, PDA, Phones etc.)
    • Listing of all Car with concise information.
    • Embedded Social media Updates from Twitter and Facebook appearing real-time on the website.
  • Our Work: Developed and designed an informative, Interactive and Responsive Car Sales Website, Search Engine Optimization as well Social Media Integration, E-mails Setup and Configuration
  • Team : Tuvuti Team
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